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"Lend me your depth, I practice rituals . . ." - Emily Isaacson


Welcome to the world of Emily Isaacson. . .

Emily has been using the web as medium, and creating multi-media art since 2005. Her websites have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors with over 1 million hits in the last decade. She is highlighting poetry, photography and her science and psychology background also come into play.

Emily Isaacson's poetry, novel, and other books are for sale on this site. Emily's poetry has been collected by Dove Publishing in honor of the 150th anniversary bash for Canada. You can find out more on our Hallmark book site.



Where the robin red-breast made its nest,

there was a sweeping fence

overhung with subtle evergreen trees

beside the timeless garden of cornstalks,

spindles of beans,

and square strawberry leaves.


From Breathing Space, by Emily Isaacson

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Wild Lilies

Emily Carr used to write about the fields of wild lilies in early British Columbia. If you are wondering what a wild lily is, well it refers in this case to any earth-bound lily in contrast to the gilded lily or fleur-de-lis. Your soul is like a prism issuing a rainbow of color. When you write, draw from contrast to lend depth to your work.