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The Clay Road Tapestry

Emily Isaacson created the Lion and the Unicorn tapestry in 2006.

It was a series of websites that attracted people interested in her art and literature.

Although some of the original websites have changed over the years,

it's huge success has been in part to her use of multi-media in drawing visitors online.

Her websites have attracted one million visits over a decade from over 45 countries of the world.

Emily Isaacson's books raise money for her humanitarian cause. 

She now has about 4,000 books in print and many readers buy her collected works.

The online tapestry series is now called the Clay Road tapestry. Visit here.

You can also visit her blog Solitary Unicorn.

More on multi-media as an art form.

Emily Writes

"The hope of mankind is to be at some point transformed by metamorphosis into a spectacular and advanced species, not unlike the butterfly. We are designed for expression and the catharsis of the arts. We are made both for dance and football, to intrigue, and cultivate. We hope to live longer, have more, and be stronger. We shame our frailty. And the weak suffer; they need community to thrive. They need others to lend them a helping hand. They need to be spoon-fed. We have hope to grow, to have a futuristic outlook, to reproduce: what antagonizes its purity is not our domain." 


Emily Isaacson, Hours From A Convent